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The majority of people love watching comedy, horrors, action, adventure and drama films. These films do well at both the box office and with DVD sales. There are films that belong to different genres. These films are free to watch online.

Classic Movies. The Golden Age of Hollywood was also known as mid-20th-century Hollywood.   soap2day   It produced many of the most important films in cinematic historical history. Some of the greatest cinematic stars of this time include Bette Davies, Clark Gables, Marilyn Monroes, Humphrey Bogarts, Joan Crawfords, Audrey Hepburns and directors like Alfred Hitchcocks and Orson Wees.

Biographical Movies. These movies show the life stories of real people. They include heroes, scientists, monarchs, philanthropists and entertainers. These movies don't reveal every aspect of a person’s entire life. They focus instead on a central theme and the most significant highlights. Biographies may be dramatized or feature reenactment scenes in order to highlight the personality of the subject. They also cover the different historical and social realities that were at the time.

Family Movies. These films appeal to a wider audience. Family-oriented movies are directed at a wider audience, i.e. Family-oriented movies tend to be wholesome. The themes, dialogue and scenes are generally well-researched and rated either PG for Parents Guidance or G for General Audience. This is so children aren't left feeling disappointed. These movies can often be used to teach moral lessons about the importance of listening and being with your loved ones, as well as the joy of spending time with them. They address issues in families that the characters need to resolve to have a happy ending.

Fantasy Movies.   soap2day movies   These films provide a kind of escape for the viewers. Fantasy movies often depict magic and the supernatural. They often include wonderful creatures like fairies, elves and wizards. There is always drama in fantasy movies and they are meant to teach lessons about sacrifice, love, life and how to live.

Animated films. These films appeal to young people and those who are not yet adults, but can also appeal more mature audiences. Animated movies are created with advanced graphics and CGI effect and feature fictitious character voices by real actors. A lot animated films are based off comic characters or fairy tales.